EXCITING NEWS - Water Tower Mural for Port Vincent will begin in 2021!!

FRRR Grant Funding has been received by the Port Vincent Progress Association to create a mural on the Port Vincent Water Tower!

The committee is currently working on the timing of this project and discussing designs with artists, etc

This project is not just about the artwork, but also includes story boards which will give details of the original water supply, where our current water comes from, how and where it is stored, and how it is delivered to the households in Port Vincent.  

Sustainability of our water supply will also be a message delivered to our younger "audience" through the use of these story boards. 

Can you help?  Do you know anyone who was working on the Water Tower Project?  We are looking for some stories and photos at the time of the building of the Port Vincent Water Tower.  SA Water's Archive Department has many images of Water Towers being built across South Australia, but we are unable to find any photos of Port Vincent's Water Tower!

The tower was built in 1961 - it is the ripe old age of 59 - and still supplying water to our town.

We would love to hear from you if you have any stories or photos from the time of the building of the Port Vincent Water Tower.

The above diagram is one of a few original images that are still in existence - note the measurements are in feet and inches!!